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About 4G Mobile

The Countrywide wireless initiative known as” 4G Mobile TZ” will result in one of the largest municipal 4G rollouts in Africa. Residences and businesses will have the opportunity to sign up for wireless monthly accounts that will allow them to use their smart phones, and 4G enabled devices, anywhere in the country, receiving inexpensive, ultra- high speed broadband access, of the order of 70 Mbps on down link and 30 Mbps on up link. This will serve and surpass the needs of the clients, and in that process 4G Mobile will become a leading 4G broadband provider in Tanzania.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive 4G wireless mobile broadband access at dramatically reduced prices, bringing the benefits of superior, high speed, broadband services to mass populations, by deploying ultra-modern 4G technologies of WIMAX & LTE.